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Going solar right now shows that you mean business!

The time has never been better to take your business solar. Limited-time incentives will reduce the initial cost of commercial solar by 50-70%. Solar will save your business money everyday and protect it from rising energy rates. When you combine the available incentives available for commercial solar with the ongoing monthly savings, you can see the net cost of your solar system drop to less than 30% of its sticker price – or less!

Besides – going solar sends a powerful signal that your business is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Federal Tax Credit of 30%:

The federal tax credit for solar takes 30% off of your commercial solar system’s price right out of the gate.

100% Depreciation Bonus

Commercial solar can be fully depreciated in its first year of the system’s operation

Duke Energy Rebate of $50,000

Duke Energy’s new rebate is 50 cents per watt of commercial solar installed with a cap of $50,000

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